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Anafi International Film Festival 2024

The Anafi International Film Festival is a curated short film festival which aims to promote and support independent cinema and bold creators. 
The team consists of industry professionals with experience in international film festivals and cultural institutions. We came together to create a space where new voices can be listened to, create bonds and get inspired.

We believe in cinema as a unified medium and we are interested in the blending of genres and cinematic approaches. We are looking for innovation, experimentation and originality. 
Our goal is to blend special cinematic narrative journeys of short form from every corner of the world and from every cinematic approach – fiction, documentary, animation, experimental – with the enchanting natural scenery, morphology, and traditions of the magic island of Anafi. One of our priorities being, the bridging of innovative cinema with the island’s inhabitants.

The festival is taking place on the secluded Cycladic island of Anafi during the first weeks of July. Located an hour from Santorini, this island offers a quiet and mystical setting for us to come together. During the festival, screenings will take place mostly outdoors around the island, workshops as well as masterclasses in various natural locations and of course, on the beach. 

The ability of film to combine all art allows us to take a more circular approach in organizing AnafiFF. Spread over the course of five days, our under-the-(zillion)-stars screenings are the absolute highlight at the end of the day. To accompany our nightly screenings, our five day festival offers practical workshops on filmmaking, photography, art and dance, Q&A sessions, dinners and networking events. We strive to create a platform where the local communities can engage with international guests, views can be exchanged and collaborations flourish.

We are passionate a team, we support independent and low budget cinema, and we have sophisticated, quirk and maverick sensitivities. We are mesmerized by bold and unconventional approaches, stories and characters that tend to constantly explore and challenge the limitations of their existence. 
We aim to create a programme that has the power to challenge and stir the waters, but also inspire, motivate, and spark connections between the art and the person. 

The programming committee is composed of film professionals and cultural workers and a variety of backgrounds, interests and talents. Everyone’s vote is thoroughly discussed and counts equally, thus our core values for equality, transparency, healthy working environments, authenticity and balance is supported by our actions. 

The programmers determine a festival selection through discussion and voting. Each participating programmer has an equal vote and no festival competition selections are made outside of this process. 

Our programmers are not required to read submission cover letters and other supporting materials, but we encourage you to submit them in case they want to learn more about you and your work. As a rule of thumb, we don't share programming feedback with entrants. The Anafiff programmers' decisions are final. 

Submissions closed for 2024

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