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Anafi International Film Festival 2023

Last year's festival unfolded on the picturesque island of Anafi from July 6th to July 11th. Captivating premieres, unforgettable moments, and a celebration of cinema against the stunning backdrop of Anafi's beauty. An event like the Anafi Film Festival doesn't happen without the dedication of many great individuals. From visionary filmmakers to passionate programmers, countless people contributed to turning the dream of our festival into a cinematic reality.

Workshops Unveiled

Embarking on a journey of creative exploration with our captivating workshops, where art meets expression in the stunning canvas of Anafi. Here's a glimpse into the enriching parallel events our guests had the chance to participate in 2023.

1. Essay Film Workshop Led by the acclaimed director and Oscar-nominee, Thanasis Neofotistos.

Diving into the art of essay filmmaking with the guidance of the award-winning director, Thanasis Neofotistos. Learning the intricacies of storytelling through the lens of cinema, exploring the power of visual narratives and the magic of cinematic expression. This workshop was a transformative experience, blending the artistry of filmmaking with the scenic beauty of Anafi.

2. Dance - Butoh Workshop Facilitated by the distinguished Vicky Filipa, promoted local areas of the island and introduced a dance form from Japan.

Feeling the rhythm of Anafi's heartbeat in the Dance - Butoh Workshop led by the renowned Vicky Filipa. This unique workshop not only explored the art of Butoh dance but also seeked to weave the cultural threads of Japan into the fabric of Anafi. A dance of cultural fusion, where movement becomes a celebration of both local and international artistic expressions. The workshop ended with a collective filmed performance on the beach of Katsouni.

3. Photography Workshop Guided by Antigoni Papantoni, encouraged participants to explore the island and capture its essence in their own unique way.

Capturing the essence of Anafi through your lens in the Photography Workshop guided by Antigoni Papantoni. This workshop was not just about taking pictures; it was about telling the visual story of the island. Participants explored the landscapes, colors, and hidden corners of Anafi, and the resulting exhibition unveiled the island's beauty through the diverse perspectives of those who participated, the final result was a photobook which was also filmed and screened in a special screening during the festival.


Unleash your creativity, learn from masters in their craft, and become a part of the artistic tapestry of Anafi. These workshops were more than learning experiences; they were opportunities to discover, express, and connect through the universal languages of film, dance, and photography.

Last year's Anafi Film Fest unfolded as a spectacular celebration of cinema, presenting more than 40 short films by creators from all over the world. The cinematic journey attracted over 150 spectators, offering them the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a specially designed program that spanned six days, featuring five different captivating programs.

From thought-provoking documentaries to heartwarming narratives, the festival showcased a diverse range of stories that resonated with audiences. Film programmers from around the world carefully curated an eclectic lineup of award-winning films, ensuring a memorable and enriching experience for all who attended.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of Anafi Film Fest 2023, making it a truly global celebration of creativity, storytelling, and the magic of cinema!

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