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Anafiff 2023 
The films

ANAFIFF - Official Selection LAURELS 2-01_edited.png

"Slippery paths, thundering waters" -  Curated by Maya Sfakianaki

In the time of invisible wires, our need to connect grows. We are searching for the sounds of each other's fluids, the fierce flow of longing when our bodies touch. Our constant hunt for sensual liquids to fill our evergrowing void sometimes succeeds - and we are united for that moment, we are complete and in euphoric currents we flow. Others, we wander again in pain, as if missing a part that never belonged to us. 


A programme that understands touch and physical contact as the ultimate avenue to establish a connection with the other but most importantly with the self.

"Rethink Future Power Dynamics" -  Curated by Antigoni Papantoni

The world seems to be going through some major shifts, challenging us to rethink the future. If we are to address issues of inequality, climate change, discrimination and all forms of social and environmental issues then addressing power dynamics is central to them all.

This programme is studying power dynamics in different levels of human interactions, starting from the specific to the general: from the fight for justice and freedom of expression, the patriarchal oppression in heterosexual relationships and the postcolonialism identity search to questioning religion versus science and our relationship with the environment ending with a massive inventory of what future visual archeology might look like. 

"Mare Nostrum: A Journey Through Memories and Waves" - Curated by Stelios Christoforou

A captivating journey where water holds secrets of the past and waves carry memories of love, absence, and the unknown. From the Pacific coast of LA to the remote beaches of Greece, and from the haunting images of a lifetime to the blurred lines of dreams and reality, these films explore the depth and mystery of our connection to the sea.

"7 months feels like aging for a year" - Curated by Ferdinand Waas 

7 months feels like aging for a year' is a program, which is dealing with the notion of aging on islands over the off season months. This period of time is ruled by bones, those stable calcium compounds into which the deserted, rocky and silent scenery is inscribed into. The 7 selected short films function as CaCO3 (calcium) supplements which are taken month after month. 

"I Dream In Aquamarine" - Curated by Stavros Markoulakis

They say that in our dreams our own personal stories, hopes and fears distort our perception of reality; similarly to the distortion that affects anything to be seen through a liquid reflection. What would happen when our dreams become liquid?

The films in this session, hybrid in genre and style, navigate how the real and the imagined intersect in the paths of the human and non human existence in this planet. In the realm of liquid dreaming all of our senses will free, all of our traumas can heal.