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2nd Anafi International Film Festival 11-16 July 2024

Get ready for a cinematic journey into the heart of cinema as the 2nd Anafi International Film Festival returns, following the first successful edition . Brace yourselves for a cinematic extravaganza set against the breathtaking backdrop of Anafi, where the sun, the sea, and the spirit of independent filmmaking converge.

In the embrace of this idyllic island, the festival unfolds as a vibrant celebration of creativity, culture, and connection. From July 11 to July 16, Anafi transforms into a cinematic haven, welcoming filmmakers, industry professionals, movie enthusiasts, and islanders to a five-day spectacle of films, workshops, and unforgettable experiences.

Picture this: screenings under the open sky, the sea breeze whispering through the audience, and workshops nestled in the natural locations of the island. This festival isn't bound by conventional walls; it spills into the streets, cliffs, and hidden corners of the island. It's a fusion of storytelling and island life, a kaleidoscope of emotions and narratives echoing from the monolith of Anafi to the little cycladic white town of the island.

Expect the unexpected: workshops that spark creativity in unexpected places, masterclasses that turn the island into a canvas for learning, and network events that create bonds amidst the beauty of nature.

Whether you're a cinephile, a filmmaker, or someone just looking for a unique experience, the 2nd Anafi International Film Festival invites you to be part of a cinematic celebration like no other. Anafi opens its arms, inviting you to explore the magic of film in a setting where every frame tells a story, and every story becomes a part of the island's history.

From the screen to the sea, from the workshops to the winding streets, let's create moments that linger, stories that resonate, and a festival that leaves an indelible mark on your heart. The 2nd Anafi International Film Festival is not just an event; it's an experience, a celebration, and a love letter to the art of cinema. See you in the summer of 2024, where Anafi becomes a canvas for cinematic dreams.

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